legalities of weed seeds in Australia

Is It Legal To Buy Cannabis Seeds In Australia?

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Cannabis has long been stigmatized. The majority of people use and accept it, but it remains one of the most stigmatized activities with legal and societal consequences worldwide, including in Australia. Some legal changes are coming. Some stores offering weed seeds Australia wide have made some changes. However, medical and recreational users in Australia continue … Read more

The Philippines has the Best Tobacco Seeds

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The Philippines is known as a tough place to stop people from smoking because the tobacco business has been there for a long time. It was called the “strongest tobacco lobby in Asia” more than 15 years ago. The 2019 Southeast Asia Tobacco seeds Industry Interference Index put the Philippines fifth out of nine countries … Read more

drying weed new zealand

Various Methods for Drying and Curing Weeds

After germinating high THC cannabis seeds, providing the tender love and care to bring the cannabis into life, and creating the perfect conditions for your flowers to grow, it has now come to the long-awaited harvest!. However, harvesting is not quite the final step. First, comes the need to dry or ‘cure’ your cannabis. Whilst … Read more

Weed Seeds NZ

The 4 Types of Marijuana

Keeping in mind that there is a strain for each person, it is important to know that each strain falls under one of the 4 types of Cannabis – Sativa, Indica, Ruderalis and Hybrid. Much to some’s surprise, telling these 4 types apart is easy once you know their identifying features. In order to tell … Read more

cannabis strains

Best Universal Cannabis Strains

The effect you receive when consuming cannabis, largely depends on the specific strains you have. Many people are unaware that the weed you are consuming has it’s own specific strain, and that each person has a strain that suits their body. Ever heard a friend of yours say “Nah man i’m not gonna have a … Read more

Best Nutrients for Cannabis

You’re likely to have a bit of a bad time if you try to flower your seeds without using nutrients. It is very important – often crucial – to use nutrients in order to properly grow your buds, and luckily for you we sell the top of the line cannabis nutrients – Flower Power Cannabis Nutrients … Read more

Nutrients + Seeds Pack (Complete Grow)

Welcome to WSNZ once again everyone. Today we have a very special post regarding the new line of products that have just arrived at our official Marijuana seedbank NZ. The newly launched products will be the be-all-or-end-all solution to all your cannabis growing needs. We now stock complete grow sets, aka seed & nutrient kits … Read more

Marijuana Booster: A Miracle in Marijuana Cultivation

Growing marijuana is not for the weak at heart because it’s a practice that can often lead you to pull your hair out in frustration. Of course, it doesn’t ever get that bad, but if you have experienced lower than expected yields, unhealthy plants, or loose, airy buds, then you know what we’re talking about. … Read more

New & Improved Cannabis Boosters & Fertilisers

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Do you love growing Marijuana? Do you get wet when you see a sticky, frosty solid nug that shimmers with potent resin? Well your in luck! WSNZ have got your buds covered! We have created a new and improved line of cannabis boosters and fertilisers so your pot plants can do just that. Supersize. Our … Read more

New Zealand Slang

Speak like a New Zealander Kiwis have a distinct accent, unique from any other in the world.  They also have tons of unique slang words – learn a few of New Zealand slang phrases & words, plus a few Maori words thrown in for good measure, and you’ll soon get the hang of New Zealand … Read more