G13 Haze regular seeds (Barney’s Farm)


G13 haze is a common stock that represents European cannabis culture. Born in a coffee shop in Amsterdam, G13 Haze Regular was created as a hybrid between G13 and Hawaiian Sativa, producing high-performance hybrids up to 600g / m² with a short flowering period of 9 weeks.

Excellent sativa dominant hybrid

This strain is especially useful for breeders who can use it to create unique hybrids that not only provide complete control of growth, but also help to gain a deeper understanding of the growth process. The G13 haze has a hybrid structure (main branch with multiple side branches) and grows to a medium height, making it ideal for indoor growth. The indoor yield of this strain is 500-600 g / m2, but outdoor growers can harvest up to 350 g per plant.

There is some detailed information to help grow this strain:

Medium Height-G13 Haze Regular reaches a final height of 1.0-1.1m. Maximum EC of water-1.1 for vegetation, maximum 1,4 for flowering. Water pH; 5.8-6.0
Recommended lighting: Vegetables: 450W CFL, Flowers: 600WHID. Recommended Nutrients: Age Old Organics 1GR4C Grow.

Classic haze scent and taste

G13 Haze Regular has a very unique scent and taste. Towards the end of flowering, her large, dense buds swell, producing a sweet, pine-like scent that slowly turns into a more complex scent as the terpene profile matures. Her intense Sativa effect is beautifully balanced with deep relaxation and relaxation.


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