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We offer feminised cannabis seeds so you can get guaranteed buds at the end of your grow.

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If your looking for marijuana strains that finishes growing in 3 months or under, then check out our autoflower varieties.

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If your just looking for the classics, a seed which may turn female or male, check out our regular marijuana seeds.

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Mimosa cannabis seeds NZ

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Weed Seeds NZ Info

Weed Seeds NZ is the best place to get marijuana seeds in New Zealand, our friends provide the quickest and most reliable shipping for kiwis in a stress free way. We have been in business for over almost two decades (since 2003) offering only the highest quality cannabis strains. Our friends stock some of the world’s most popular Cannabis seeds for NZ including but not limited to; White Widow, Blueberry, Lowryder, Purple Haze plus plenty more excellent marijuana strains. Our team assures the products that are shipped meet the highest quality expectations before dispatch, so you can rest assured your getting only the best of what is on offer. Want to grow with our community? Check out Canna Grow Hacks via this link to join in. We also stock strains from other reputable seed banks for increased variety. This is to ensure you get more choices and see lower prices. You will surely be impressed with our range of incredible products which are very affordable.
Growing weed in NZ is rather easy due to its climate, however there are a few things you may need to consider, these include but are not restricted to the following.
  • Thieves
  • Police
  • Pests/animals

Cannabis Thieves

Thieves obviously want to steal your hard work and money, growing indoors can help against this but for those growing outdoors there are options, these include cameras, camouflages or other deterrents of your choice.

Marijuana and the Police

Police will always be a problem if where your growing is illegal, (we do not condone this) however indoors is best to keep safe from unwanted eyes, camo can be used for outdoors but a secure place is best. If you wish to purchase cannabis or cannabis seeds in 2022, please be aware that if you’re not licensed , you will either need to pay a fine or face prison time. Those who buy cannabis seeds from seed banks in New Zealand should be aware that they are violating the law unless you are permitted to do so.


Nets are your best friend when it comes to wildlife, not the ones that catch animals but the ones that keep them out, there is a wide range of nets you can use to protect your plants, these are usually used to protect fruit from bats and possums but are just as affective with plants, they simply go over the top of your plants allowing sunlight to get in with your plant being able to grow freely but keeping the critters out! The main pests are possums, wallabies, bats and humans. If you have humans lurking around a movement activated toy may be enough to scare them off if they get too close.
We do not promote unknown/self bred marijuana varieties as we know that a lot of them are genetically unstable or impure. You won’t get that here. The team at Weed Seeds NZ believe that in providing the highest quality products to ensure high satisfaction. We offer the fastest, discreet shipping in New Zealand for our quality marijuana seeds, medical cannabis strains and Cannabis Cup winner varieties! Not to mention we include free cannabis seeds on certain orders and provide a free detailed grow bible. We also have merchandise.
We are dedicated to providing the safest and easiest way to get weed seeds in New Zealand. We do this by providing only the best sources for cannabis seeds in NZ. It’s easy to order through us, just checkout our links. Free weed seeds are also shipped with some orders and we provide cannabis seed bank reviews which ship to NZ plus we have seed specials and more. Don’t be shy to order from us, you are guaranteed excellent service at affordable rates! Looking for an Aussie cannabis seed bank which delivers to NZ? Checkout Buying Weed Seeds from Australia for more options on getting the best cannabis strains available down under & New Zealand.
We are on the hunt to find the legendary Kiwi strains Te Puke Thunder and Coromandel Gold. If you can help us, please leave a message via our Q&A page as to how you came across it and if you can get access to it. Other than that stay tuned for updates on these two NZ only strains. Other marijuana strains native to New Zealand are welcome too.

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