About Weed Seeds NZ

Weed Seeds NZ (New Zealand) are a team of 420 friendly mates from Auckland. We had great upbringings in the city, smoking copious amounts of weed and growing a lot of it in our time. However, we noticed a lot of the strains you find in New Zealand aren’t pure or genetically stable.

We noticed this when we went to Amsterdam for a holiday, the cannabis in the Dutch Coffeeshops were dank as hell. We didn’t know what proper weed was until we smoked some of Amsterdams finest, Super Silver Haze & White Widow. These two beauties were grown and bred by the one and only Mr. Nice. A legendary cannabis connoisseur, activist, smoker and grower that will live down in history as one of the forefathers of great bud.

After Mr. Nice brought to life his newly imagined Marijuana strains, cannabis companies and seed banks alike flocked to Mr. Nice’s creation and basically stole it for they’re own. Problem was, they didn’t know how to grow these strains to their full potential and keep it in successful reproduction like Mr. Nice did. Let alone properly breed them. As time past, the number of strains that many people stole from Mr. Nice lost its original strength and people didn’t know what was good and bad weed anymore.

This is the problem. Nobody cares here in New Zealand or Australia about what strains they smoke. Just as long as they have weed they are happy. Its a huge problem in our eyes because they are missing out on all of the great benefits of pure, genetically stable Cannabis.

There are medical, creative, potent, hallucinogenic and autoflower strains out there that are just doing people wonders all over the globe. It’s time we stepped up our game NZ! Thats why we developed Weed Seeds New Zealand.

Thanks for reading, much love fam and don’t forget to say hi below!