Blueberry Cannabis Seeds are very easy to come by, as they have been around for nearly 50 years. Over the years of it being around there has been a lot of research done, mostly on the genetic’s of the strain.

The strain originated being a hybrid Indica strain, although still has traces of sativa with it being a hybrid. It has been genetically remastered in over 100 different ways with many different hybrids and cross produced strains.

While most strains of weed seeds make you tired and drowsy, Blueberry cannabis seeds are very different, in the fact that it gives you a mellow and relaxed sense of euphoric high.

These marijuana seeds are also good for medical uses. It provides different relief for your different requirements. It is good for anxiety and stress relief which means you can stop taking all those different medications you are on for anxiety.

Its also good for pain and muscle relaxation, so you wont need to take anymore painkillers. I know a lot of you would love to get rid of the expensive medicines that the government tries to get us all to take.

Blueberry kush seeds are a very unique strain, its not something that you get to experience everyday. It got its name from its purple and blue colors, and its fruity aroma and taste. that is what makes it so unique.

Everyone loves Blueberry, so i recommend trying this strain as it gives you the full experience, flavor and feeling of one of the most creative strains in the world at the moment.