White Widow

White Widow Seeds is strangely nearly a 50/50 mix between Indica and Sativa. Which is good because you get the mix of being hungry while also being adventurous. So you will want to go out somewhere to eat instead of being couch potato. That is what makes it so great, is that you can feel relaxed while still wanting to do something exciting and will even bring on an appetite for you.

White Widow Details

White Widow Seeds can also be used by the name White Rhino, but it still is just a genetically enhanced version of the White Widow. But it boasts a THC content of 20% which leaves you with a wonderful feeling of getting high. watching your favourite TV shows will be more exciting to watch, or even going out on an adventure to look for something new and exciting.

Once grown, your plant should have really big dense buds, that are covered in trichomes and are very high in potency. it is also very resinous. It also can stand very cold climate’s as it was first breed in Europe, Netherlands specifically. So you wont need to worry about your plant getting cold, and can focus more on producing those frosty dense buds.

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White Widow Optimiser

White Widow/White Rhino also go great with mycorrhizal powder, which will help your plant to really connect with the soil that you are using. As it creates a proper bond with the soil using its roots. Which basically makes it a soil optimizer, but in the long run will help your plant to grow healthier and bigger as it is in feeding frenzy mode because of the mycorrhizal powder. Recommended: Cannabis Seeds New Zealand

White Widow Medical

It is not harmful to your plant in anyway, and the dense buds that you will achieve from your plant will be still be able to be used for medical uses. It has been very promising that it has many healing properties, and can be very helpful to those suffering illnesses and disabilities.