Trippy Gorilla autoflowering seeds


Are you looking for a Sativa dominant hybrid that cleans your head without sacrificing its potency? Then Trippy Gorilla Auto is for you. This beauty of the plant, of course, boasts some classic Sativa effects, including spiritual heights that make you think about the meaning of life. Even the most experienced users are not immune to the attractiveness of this woman, as THC levels can reach up to 28%. In addition, her notes of pine and citrus make her a delicious and aromatic choice every day.

Trippy Gorilla Auto Flower Seed Information

Trippy Gorilla Auto is a feminized autoflower cannabis strain developed by breeder Big Head Seed. She is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that retains all the best features of photoperiodic strains. The facts are: She has a pine needle and citrus terpene profile, high resin content, and high yields.


Big Head Seeds once again surpassed themselves and crossed the high-yielding Gorilla Glue # 4 and Big Head # 1 in the Ruderalis phenotype to create the pedigree that gave birth to this speedy little beast, Trippy Gorilla Auto.


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