Purple Haze

Purple Haze Seeds is a very popular marijuana strain all over the globe but mainly in New Zealand. This beautiful strain gives you a mixture of head high and body high instead of the usual one or the other. We have always smoked Purple Haze, because of the numerous effects of it that we enjoy, like the full body high.

You can also order our Purple Haze in Autoflowering seeds, so you don’t have to worry to much about the marijuana seeds once you have planted them. Autoflower strains grow and bud in 3 months. You will always have big frosty purple nugs that will be the densest buds that you will ever grow. As long as you follow the certain guidelines and cannabis help books that are also provided here at the NZ Cannabis Seeds shop, you will have 100%  satisfaction from the big healthy cannabis plants you will get from our seeds.

Purple Haze Seeds  | Feedback

We love to hear from our clients that have grown their seed’s that have been purchased from us as we strive to improve on anything that we can. A fair few customers have told us that they had lots of fun during the process of growing the magical strain. Its like growing something that has come straight from heaven, like a fluffy pillow of goodness. Almost like your on a cloud. Once you have grown your beautiful angel, you will want to sample and try the masterpiece that you have grown.

Purple Haze Seeds Effect

i can guarantee that you will be floating on a cloud once you have sampled your fluffy, dense nugs. Its like something that a lot of people want to experience but never have the chance to do so. We also thought we would never experience the wonderful high, or taste of this magical bud. But now that access to seeds is much easier, safe and secure it is possible to grow your own  and feel the magic the rest of the world is currently feeling.

Purple Haze | Join the 420 Revolution

So join the rest of New Zealand and Jimi Hendrix get your hands on some purple kush and start growing your own herbal magic, so you can enjoy and relax while doing whatever tasks are at hand.