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Thank you for your time in viewing our website and its offers. We know how difficult it is at times when communicating with online business’. The team at Weed Seeds NZ (New Zealand) know this issue very well because we’ve been there.

That is where we strive to be different.  We take the time out to answer each and every message we receive. We just ask you to be patient with our response.

Generally speaking we are on this website 24/7 however there are times when we get flat out busy. We may be over encumbered by messages, and/or are filling out paper work (ohh we love this so much) and a slew of other things.

So you can basically get the gist of our hectic activities. But, that does not stop us from replying to our lovely audience online. In fact, we nurture each individual and give them the best answer we possibly can.

We provide discounts to new and repeat clients, throw away free high quality seeds, hand out free grow books and more.

We love you and we know you love Marijuana. So together, we shall forge a healthy relationship and if there are any complications, don’t be afraid to drop a message below so we can alleviate your thoughts!

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  1. I was actually a bit gobsmacked to find your website. Is it actually legal to purchased and grow this in NZ? I am asking on behalf of my chronically disabled daughter who is sick and tired of taking painkillers.

    1. Hey mate sorry to hear about your daughter, hearing things like this brings tears to our eyes. I hope you can find something that helps your daughter more then painkillers ever will. If you want try our medical strains, please view our seed catalogue here. We have a big selection so take your time and have a look to see if there’s something for your specifically for your daughters illness.

      In terms of legalities, to be honest, this whole thing is up to you. The attitude towards pot is getting better and better in NZ but growing is still illegal. From our understanding, you can purchase marijuana seeds for souvenir reasons in New Zealand (meaning you can only grow them when pot becomes fully legal).

      When the time comes, as we said we stock plenty of medical cannabis strains that treat a number of illnesses’ so please choose wisely for your daughter. We will assure that you get the seeds once you place the order and if you don’t, we will resend the package at no extra cost.

      We are here to help.. Sometimes the government doesn’t look after its people, but we will 🙂

          1. Hey there do you guys still ship to nz and also what sort of payment options do you have available?

                1. Hey Callan, delivery usually takes 2 weeks in most parts of NZ. If your cannabis seeds don’t arrive after 3 weeks, please send us a message to organise a reshipment or refund.

                  1. Hi I have just had a read of your TePuke thunder write up & wanted to contact you what would a person do if they have TePuke thunder not in seed but flowering females (3) & clones in veg?

                    1. Hi Nyva

                      If you could perhaps email us, we can discuss perhaps crossing it with another strain for a new breed, it will still keep the legacy alive

                        1. Hi Johny

                          You can order using BitCoin, card or cash in the mail. We have several weed strains great for anxiety and depression. Just have a read through the product description to find the perfect one – or two 😉

                          1. Hi there,
                            I was just wondering if you possibly have any stock in NZ of the start up kind ? I have never grown from seeds before and I would like variety but probably only a couple of seeds per strain of I think it was bubblegum and white widow? I’m not too sure of how I will go with so many seeds from the mix pack on the website as I could only see they do 5 seeds of each and I dont really know what kind of effect those strains will have on me as I make unnamed purchases from people locally but I don’t know what kinds of strains, cbd or thc content. Some I love and others aren’t so great. Any advice for purchasing would be great! I’m not the richest person around but I could afford 2 or 3 seeds of maybe 2 strains – I’m looking for stress and anxiety reducing as well as abit of motivation and lots of relaxation. I generally indulge at night time.

                            1. Hi there, we have no stock in NZ currently but you can order through the homepage and filter through different categories and size options for seeds. We have white widow from Nirvhana which is an incredible strain. We have bubble gum too just simply use the search bar to find your preffered strain

                          2. Hey guys
                            When I go to shop seeds it just takes me to seedsman overseas site? I was wanting seeds already in NZ to avoid potential customs issues

                          3. Hey,

                            Do you guys do smaller packs at all? I’d like an auto flower pack but I don’t think I’ll be able to use all of them . It’s my first time trying it out so testing the waters which don’t require 15 seeds haaah!

                            Feel free to flick me an email if it’s possible to get a smaller pack through guys .

                            1. You can use our Tracking page to track your order. To see the location of the parcel, you will need to provide either your tracking number or your email address along with the order number.

                          4. Hi there, i am keen to get some seeds to help with my arthritis.
                            Can you guarantee the seeds will arrive from Seedsman? They seem quite expensive for a couple of seeds, however if they get here ok it will be a small price to pay for some decent pain relief.
                            Thankyou very much.

                            1. Hi there, yes seedsman seeds will arrive but we are now with Herbies, an even better marijuana seed bank for new zealanders. Guaranteed replacements or money back if parcel is knicked

                            1. currently we are only working with legit cannabis seed banks from overseas due to a broader range of strains available for kiwis

                          5. Hi, before ordering can you please advise which seeds are autoflowering and which are best suited to an outdoor location in the mid north island.

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                            1. Due to covid, delivery times can be anywhere from 2 weeks to 1 month. Just visit our home page and follow the link to get weed seeds in New Zealand

                          7. Hiya
                            Keen as to buy some seeds. Keen to try both an indica strain and a sativa.
                            Do you have fem seeds or is it hit and miss?
                            How many seeds would you suggest – personal use and we only crank through an ounce or two in a year . . . But would be keen to try a bit more baking.

                            1. Hello, we stock both indica and sativa cannabis seeds in our seed bank and you can choose if you want autoflower, feminised or regular

                          8. How do I order the indica strain seeds for medicinal reasons. I have breast cancer that has metastasised to my liver and possibly now into my lymphatic system. I’ve been reading and listening to many cancer therapy options to but cancer on the butt when traditional medication can’t. I want to make my own RSO and need indica seeds. Where can I get these?

                          9. Great page and website. Im returning to NZ after many years overseas, would love to get a cutting or two for my deep water hydroponic system,and is there any local seeds in NZ, ive had seeds taken off be at customs before.Also up for a blaze in Auckland. My insta is ‘the zoot’ , cheers

                          10. Hi there, very curious about buying a couple of seeds, but really don’t want to loose money as there are so many scam websites.

                            Is this real ??

                            1. Hi mate, the NZ seed bank which we are partnered with (you can find them in the home page), they have an incredibly high score on Trust Pilot. Trust Pilot is an independent review website where anyone can add their two cents in to give others an idea of how trust worthy a website is. Long story short, Weed Seeds NZ’s cannabis seed bank partner Herbies is rated quite high. Check it out your self by visiting and on our website from there, click “Shop Seeds”, it will redirect you to the NZ seed bank which the currency should also change on Herbies.

                              Cheers mate

                          11. Hello I am very interested in purchasing some strawberry cough seeds , would love to know costs and delivery I’m a waiarapa person, very private thank-you

                          12. Hi, I’m woundering how to get some flower power fertilizer,do you supply ? Or can it be purchase somewhere. Thanks cheers Rich

                            1. hi Rich, we do not supply flower power fertilizer, however if you jump on their website you can order online or find a store location near you.

                          13. Hey, Canadian Based Kiwi here. ACMPR liscensed small scale breeder and grower. I just aquired Te Puke Thunder seeds from a breeder in France. He is on insta and Facebook. Oldtimeseeds. Will be popping them next day or so, will keep you posted if legit. From his photos etc it looks like it may be.

                          14. Hi there, is there any option to get some seeds delivered somewhere is not my home address? Can I pick them up from somewhere else? The more I think about it the more doubts I get…

                          15. Good Morning.

                            Im actually suprised no one has asked the most obvious question in Q & A.

                            How does this work as marijuana is illegal here?

                            If i purchase seeds, are the Police going to turn up @ holding my package, Judge there with him holding paperwork ready to sentence me right on my doorstep, chucked into paddy wagon straight to Waikeria Prison?

                            I guess what i want is reassurance this site is safe i guess.

                            Look foward to your reply


                          16. Kia ora
                            I’m wanting to buy seeds but i’m a bit iffy with customs and such so i was wondering if you have had any problems with your products being seized or do you order them from overseas and send them out from nz?

                          17. medically in your experience has anyone mentioned cannabinoids to manage heart failure and heart fibrillation at the same time. my heart is described as a car speeding on the motorway in second gear and my current medication helps slow my heart beat to minimise the damage to my heart and allow my heart to rest. i had a try via drip drops and i could feel it instantly spread inside my chest and dull my heart immediately. i don’t know what the base/medium or how THC is extracted, but if you can advise which strain would be suitable for my condition i can proceed from there. kia ora.

                            1. Hi
                              I’m a strain hunter…..i have thé original te puke thunder Seeds….from 1975…’s thé pure landrace…..i savez all thé landrace i Can fond in thé World since 35 years……m’y father was an strain hunter before me….ibhave an Hugues collection …..WE pass pur Life toi save pure landrace strain…


                            2. Hi there, I have not received any confirmation email of purchase or anything to do with shipping ect……
                              Is this legit or have I paid for something that’s fake?

                            3. Hello
                              do you deliver to New zealand (gods garden)
                              are you going to kill my dog if i buy from you fuckwits (the free kaya)
                              are you going to fuck my wife
                              thanks alot sam

                            4. Hello
                              do you deliver to New zealand (gods garden)
                              are you going to k*** my dog if i buy from you ***wits (the free kaya)
                              are you going to f*** my wife
                              thanks alot sam

                            5. Are all seeds already in NZ ready to be shipped? Or are they coming from over seas? Also do you have any hydroponic seeds, thanks.

                            6. I ordered some seeds in November and they still haven’t arrived. Was wondering if that was just from delays or they haven’t been sent yet.

                            7. Hiya, just wondering why the prices of the seed are in euros. Is this normal sorry I am new to the site, thanks for your help

                            8. So I already purchase from herbies seeds. So with shipping to NZ now being $62 now do you afford the shipping unless it’s passed onto customers?

                              Are you guys legit?

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