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Thank you for your time in viewing our website and its offers. We know how difficult it is at times when communicating with online business’. The team at Weed Seeds NZ (New Zealand) know this issue very well as we faced it in the past. That is where we strive to be different.  We take the time out to answer each and every message we receive.

We just ask you to be patient with our responses. Generally speaking we are on this website 24/7 however there are times when we get flat out busy. We may be over burdened by orders/requests, managing stock, packaging & handling, maintenance, filling out paper work (ohh we love this so much) and a slew of other things.

So you can basically get the jist of our hectic activities. But, that does not stop us from replying to our potential customers online. In fact, we nurture each individual and give them the best deal we possibly can. We provide discounts to new and repeat clients, throw away free high quality seeds, hand out free grow books and more.

We love you and we know you love Marijuana. So together, we shall forge a healthy relationship and if there are any complications, don’t be afraid to drop a message below so we can alleviate your thoughts!

5 comments on “Questions & Answers”
  1. Johanna says:

    I was actually a bit gobsmacked to find your website. Is it actually legal to purchased and grow this in NZ? I am asking on behalf of my chronically disabled daughter who is sick and tired of taking painkillers.

    • weedseedsnz says:

      Hey mate sorry to hear about your daughter, things like this always brings a tear to the eye. I hope you can find something that helps your daughter more then painkillers ever will.

      To be honest mate, this whole thing is up to you. Chances of your seeds getting found is next to zero. There is no scent and the seeds are in stealth packaging. We stock medical cannabis strains that suits different illnesses. we will assure that you get em and if things fail, we will respond to the incidence.

      We are here to help.. government doesnt look after its people, but we will.

  2. Callan says:

    Hey I was wondering, more or less hoping to get some just wondering how long post usually takes. :)

  3. weedseedsnz says:

    Hey takes usually 2 weeks Callan, sorry for the late response!

  4. rich says:

    Am I at the right place when I see seeds dem Robert Bergman, plus not sure how to get too checkout.

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