Lowryder seeds were one of the most special types of Cannabis strains ever developed and popularised. They imagined it to be small cannabis plants that could be placed in tiny rooms to maximise the yield from minimal space. The Lowryder plant was inbred 9 times before it reached the vision of the Joint Doctor who started this crazy breed. This plant is a mix of the rare Ruderalis strain crossed with Northern Lights and Williams Wonder.

The high is mostly cerebreal meaning its more of mind than body stone. When the plant is picked open, it radiates a mild earthy scent, almost musky but deffinitely nice.

Flowering Time of Low Ryder Seeds

Like most plants crossed with Ruderalis, the expected grow time to flower is much less than usual.

With most cannabis plants you will grow a plant in 12 – 18 weeks to even longer while with Ruderalis strains, they flower in 45 – 60 days.

With Weed Seeds NZ Lowryder seeds, you can expect to see the plant achieve maturity in 60 days tops. Usually the average grow to flower time being 58 days.

Lowryder Seeds Review

Whats it like growing Autoflower cannabis seeds? Very fun and way less time consuming. The plants dont take up much room, matures quickly, harvests heavenly and smokes very smoothly. The high is mild to strong depending on how much you take.

Lowryder is also mentioned in many cannabis cups and magazines. Its been a very strong figure in the cannabis culture all over the world. It is one of the best overall in the Marijuana Seeds range internationally.

At Marijuana Seeds New Zealand, we stock only the best Lowryder seeds. We have attained only the highest quality and superior breed Lowryder seeds. We have searched far and wide to stock these amazing seeds and we have now come to offer them to Kiwi growers who wish to make a change.