Our Cannabis Seeds

Weed Seeds NZ stock only the best cannabis seeds and strains from reputable breeders around the world. We do not breed or even attempt to cultivate our own custom strains. Why? Because we respect the already pure and established variety of Marijuana strains out  in the world today. Why breed our own we can just simply enjoy the efforts of much a more experienced breeder than us. Its just logical right?

We stock the rarest and most talked about strains in the world. Just some of the marijuana seeds nz that we stock are White Widow, Purple HazeBlueberry, Lowryder and much more. We are sure you will not find a better selection and price than what we offer here at the official NZ cannabis seed bank. Our weed seeds are 100% pure, genetically stable and guaranteed to germinate. We have been in business for many years now and hope we will be for much longer. We are a trusted source in New Zealand and will ensure our reputation by delivering only the highest quality cannabis seeds. We are also very easy to contact. You can reach all of us at the Weed Seeds NZ team by dropping a line on the Q&A page. All messages from there reciprocate to the pot heads that keep us lit up on the best dope out. Looking for Weed Seeds Australia? Check out the last link for more information.