White Widow feminised seeds


White Widow Information

A feminised cannabis variety called White Widow yields flowers that are thickly covered in resin and has strong euphoric effects. It’s a fantastic strain for new growers and all kinds of growing businesses. Although she won’t bite like the spider she almost has a name after, this fragrant lady nonetheless packs a powerful punch thanks to her flawlessly balanced Indica/Sativa hybrid genetics.


This feminised variety has a pristine phenotype consistent with its name and is descended from the genuine White Widow S1 lineage.

Blooming Period

She flowers in about 56–63 days after switching to 12/12.

Yields This variety may provide startling harvests of up to 500g/m2 (1.6oz/ft2) when grown inside, and up to 600 g (21oz) per plant when cultivated outdoors.

Taste and Smell

After trying this strain just once, you’ll find it’s simple to recall. With sweet undertones and a citrus-like aftertaste evoking a dew-coated forest floor in the productive months of spring, its pungent terpenes will make you think of pines and mossy earth.

Grow Advice

The enormous, resinous, and dense blossoms of this strain, which appear almost white due to the numerous resin glands covering them, will be highlighted by the strain’s dark green leaves. Although this strain tends to produce stubby bushes, it can grow as tall as 2m (6’7″) and has close-spaced internodes. For the greatest outcomes, adhere to following growing advice:

To prevent bud rot during flowering, maintain low humidity levels and excellent ventilation.
Maintain an 18/6-20/4 lighting cycle during vegetative growth for higher yields.
When applying mainlining, SOG, or SCROG, this strain works nicely.

Black Widow Seeds

We guarantee that buying a box of White Widow feminised seeds online now won’t make you nervous. With every seed, achieve mind-blowing potency in record time.


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