Purple Haze feminised seeds


The majority of the Purple Haze feminised cannabis strain is a Sativa hybrid that boasts spectacular appearance and strong effects. It produces excellent yields of 450+ g/m2 and flowers in 50-65 days. This stunning plant will enchant you with its magnificent violet hues and powerful, euphoric effects.

Cannabis seeds called Deep Purple Purple Haze were created by mating two well-known strains. High-quality Haze was combined with chosen Afghani. Because of this genetic makeup, their progeny have lovely colors ranging from dark green to violet and purple. Due to its powerful effect and delicious flavor, this breed is a favorite among seasoned farmers. However, inexperienced growers won’t likely encounter any significant issues when raising this lady.

Beautiful Purple Haze

Despite being mostly a Sativa plant, this cannabis variety doesn’t get very tall and blooms quickly. The plants can be grown either indoors or outdoors and are medium in height. In 50–65 days, the flowering season will be through, producing a good, above-average yield. Growers can easily cut up to 450 grammes per square meter or perhaps more. One of the distinguishing characteristics of this strain is its violet/purple coloring, which both the leaves and the buds undergo.

The buds have a lengthy structure, carbon filters are strongly advised to reduce strong odors, and they work well with scrOG.

Buzz in First Class: Purple Haze

Advanced growers are advised to choose the Purple Haze cannabis variety since it has a powerful and intense effect. The high is strong, joyful, and protracted. It strikes the intellect and barely brushes the body. Growers have reported that this lady doesn’t make people feel queasy or paranoid.


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