New Zealand Slang

Speak like a New Zealander

Kiwis have a distinct accent, unique from any other in the world.  They also have tons of unique slang words – learn a few of New Zealand slang phrases & words, plus a few Maori words thrown in for good measure, and you’ll soon get the hang of New Zealand slang language.
Kia ora
Hello in Maori.


Choice, bro!
‘Choice’ is a very versatile word in NZ meaning anything from OK, cool, I agree, I understand, it’s been good…to a million other things – but always positive.

Fush and chups
Fish and chips are a kiwi favourite cooked at the local ‘takeaways’.
A traditional Maori meal cooked over the course of the day in pits in the earth resulting in a very fresh, moist and tasty style of food.
Coined initially by early Maori to describe European settlers, which has stuck to this day.

Chilly bin

AKA the esky! An integral part of any summer holiday, sporting event or student gathering, used to keep your beer cool as well as a top seat to sit on.

A phrase unique to New Zealand referring to what we Aussies like to call thongs… and no, we don’t mean the underwear – the footwear!

Bach (“batch”)
A holiday home at the beach.  Usually small and a bit shabby but it’s likely no one will mind you traipsing some sand inside.c

Tiki tour
A roundabout way to get somewhere – taking the scenic route

Very short shorts.  Usually worn by males and not leaving much to the imagination – they were big the 80s but some still enjoy donning a pair and standing around the bbq with a beer in hand.

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