The 4 Types of Marijuana

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Keeping in mind that there is a strain for each person, it is important to know that each strain falls under one of the 4 types of Cannabis – Sativa, Indica, Ruderalis and Hybrid. Much to some’s surprise, telling these 4 types apart is easy once you know their identifying features. In order to tell the Canna Types apart, one must learn the identifying factors.. These factors are the following.


The first of the 4 types of marijuana seeds is Sativa. Sporting large and relatively skinny plants, with long skinny leaves often described as “finger-like”. Sativa leaves are the stereotypical “weed leaf” you’ll see around as Sativa is generally the most popular strain family. The family originated in the wild environments of countries on the equator – they continue to grow as they flower. This is due to the adaptation to the constant warm temperatures and high-UV levels.


head buzz
uplifting energy
Focusing and/or increasing alertness
Inspiring and increasing creativity
Reduces nausea
Helps relieve depression/promotes a sense of wellbeing
Stimulates the appetite


Cannabis indica seeds are most commonly recognised by their short and stocky stature. This variety of cannabis originated in the wilds of sub-tropical countries, such as Pakistan and Afghanistan (which is sometimes reflected in a strain’s name). Anywhere between 30-50 degree north and south of the equator tends to have the ideal climate for them. Because these are further away from the equator then their sativa cousins, the hours of daylight cannabis indica plants are exposed to tend to fluctuate much more. This means that once the plants have reached their ideal height, they put all of their energy into producing flowers, utilising the changing hours of day to the best of their ability.

The leaves of cannabis indica plants are a lot more fan like then any of the other families of cannabis. The fingers of the leaves grow much wider in order to utilise as much sunlight as possible.

This urgency to take full advantage of the sun has resulted in a line of cannabis plants that flower much faster than their sativa counterpart. This combined with their much smaller stature makes indica strains extremely attractive to those who are growing for money – where space and speed directly relate into potential profit.
Cannabis Indica Leaf

Cannabis indica strains are known for having a much higher CBD content than sativas. One of the many functions of CBD is to moderate the effect THC has on the body and mind. Thus indica strains have a very different effect than sativas. These effects include:

– A body buzz
– Acting as a muscle relaxant
– Reduces inflammation
– Effective pain relief/management
– Aids sleep
– Acting as a sedative
– Increasing the appetite
– Increasing dopamine production
– Relieving stress and anxiety


Cannabis ruderalis, is a relatively new line of cannabis within the cannabis cultivation scene. It can be found growing in the wilds of the colder regions of the world, usually above 50 degrees north of the equator (in such places as Russia and China).

The main feature of the ruderalis family is that it is autoflowering, meaning the cultivator does not need to get involved, and can leave their marijuana crop largely to itself. Ruderalis strains are also very small and very fast growing. They produce very small leaves and only a few side branches.

Ruderalis has very low levels of THC and CBD, making them worthless to use in a pure form. This is largely why they have not been utilised by the market up until recently. However, when bred with sativa or indica strains it is possible to produce a sativa or indica dominant plant that retains the auto flowering features of the ruderalis. This is a huge advantage for many growers, especially those who live in colder areas of the world, and/or those who grow outdoors. It means a crop can be planted, maintained with little effort and then replanted right after harvest – as flowering will be effected by time growing as opposed to seasonal change.

What this does mean is that ruderalis does not really have any effects in itself, and will be reliant on the sativa or indica genetics it has been bred with to produce any.


Although sativa, indica and ruderalis are 3 very distinct and different families of cannabis, they are all interbreedable. What this means is that there are now many strains out there that possess the qualities of multiple families. This allows seed banks and growers to customise and tinker with the qualities of their strains even more, producing some really stunning results.

Hybrid cannabis strains provide the best of both worlds. Expert breeders select the top sativa and indica strains and combine them into super strains that maintain the best aspects from both parents. Hybrids can be sativa or indica dominant and have the effects to match.

To find out more about these strains, download the free Free Marijuana Grow Book. It covers everything you need to know about the different strains of cannabis.


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  1. Hello, I wish to purchase some marijuana seeds to grow a plant to help my wife’s chronic fibromyalgia pain. Could you please advise which variety of medical marijuana plan would be most suitable. I would like to grow it in a pot on a sunny deck. I live in Gulf Harbour, Auckland, New Zealand. could you post it to me by plain packaging here?
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    1. I’m sorry but we cannot help your particular case. We simply promote cannabis New Zealand citizens. Our best advice is to follow the link on the homepage and hit live chat on the official seed bank for proper responses to your question. We hope you can find something there. Thank you

  2. I know this is a long shot, but is there anybody in the manawatu where I can get some sativa to try? I was made redundant and now suffer from depression and have read of the positive affects. I live just outside palmy north. I used to smoke when I was younger but that was 40 years ago.

  3. How many seeds in each pack of the $89 packs are there,we live in NZ, is posting Etc the safe way to purchase these products?

    1. Hi I wanting to purchase some seeds I have a chronic illness that involves chronic pain headaches . I’m wanting to come off my pain meds because I’m sick of the way they make me feel and they are just not effective anymore unless I take more I don’t have face book because I can’t stand that crap what would be the best strain for me hope you can help. Jodi

      1. We have a way to filter types of seeds your looking for. Just go through the link on the homepage click “Buy Cannabis Seeds”. From there you will be redirected to our official website where you can look for high cbd cannabis strains

      1. Hi Bruce says: I am70 plus .The last three years I have spent on my back, with cancer. I have had two hernia ops .The fist one
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        I went back to the sergine who told me that I could be I pain for the rest of my life,referd my too the pain clinick,reply fromt the
        the clinick was it could be up to TWELVE mounths .
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        1. Our seeds come from a reputable seed bank based in Amsterdam,they ship from there to NZ. Delivery times will take 1-3 weeks.

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