December 2016

Marijuana Booster: A Miracle in Marijuana Cultivation

Growing marijuana is not for the weak at heart because it’s a practice that can often lead you to pull your hair out in frustration. Of course, it doesn’t ever get that bad, but if you have experienced lower than expected yields, unhealthy plants, or loose, airy buds, then you know what we’re talking about. … Read more

New & Improved Cannabis Boosters & Fertilisers

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Do you love growing Marijuana? Do you get wet when you see a sticky, frosty solid nug that shimmers with potent resin? Well your in luck! WSNZ have got your buds covered! We have created a new and improved line of cannabis boosters and fertilisers so your pot plants can do just that. Supersize. Our … Read more

New Zealand Slang

Speak like a New Zealander Kiwis have a distinct accent, unique from any other in the world.  They also have tons of unique slang words – learn a few of New Zealand slang phrases & words, plus a few Maori words thrown in for good measure, and you’ll soon get the hang of New Zealand … Read more