Best Nutrients for Cannabis

You’re likely to have a bit of a bad time if you try to flower your seeds without using nutrients. It is very important – often crucial – to use nutrients in order to properly grow your buds, and luckily for you we sell the top of the line cannabis nutrients – Flower Power Cannabis Nutrients

Why Flower Power?

Flower Power is without a doubt one of the best nutrients for Cannabis from our reviews compared to other products we have tested here at Weed Seeds NZ. Our belief is that it is the best of the best because in comparison to other Cannabis nutrients, we have noticed that Flower Power blooms marijuana plants much quicker than many other nutrients we have tested from other companies.

If you are looking to increase the size of buds, yield and potency as well as flavour, consider purchasing Flower Power for your self.

What Makes Flower Power Different?

  • Size of buds increase due to the nutrient formulation contained in Flower Power. There is a variety of beneficial ingredients necessary for all plants to thrive especially marijuana.
  • Yield is increased due to the chemicals nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium perfectly mixed to create the optimum effect for cannabis cola enlargement and bud density
  • Potency is increased due to an equal amount of nitrogen and potassium to increase protein production and in turn create one of the most potent yeilds our customers say they have ever smoked.
  • Flavour is enhanced due to the superb nutrients in flower power that make marijuana plants thrive creating a really dope flavour! The flavour is a new yet great taste because these nutrients are exactly what your plant needs according to the many tests we have done.

Due to these factors, if you use Flower Power Nutrients you will have huge potent buds with a great yield and an extraordinary flavour. If you’re someone that likes to share your weed it will be guaranteed to get you good reviews from everyone that you smoke it with; the unique combination of nutrients especially formulated for cannabis will ensure you’ll have the best plants.

How Does This Affect My Buds?

The reason for this is that the perfect mixture of chemicals, along with these nutrients is exactly what your plant needs when you look in to the science of the plant. Weed Seeds NZ have also done our own tests with Flower Power, and our plants bloom much quicker.. and not only that, they were more potent an held bigger yields – just like we expected – they also did not need as much taking care of and were easily maintained.

When it comes to the size of your buds, the amount of buds you get from a plant, the potency and the flavour you taste when smoking – you will have the best of the best using Flower Power. This backed up by nutrient X an nutrient Ys combination of unique nutrients that are specially catered to cannabis plants

Good Luck folks, just watch out for the boys in blue while you grow the green. We know you will get good results as long as you follow the instructions on the nutrient packs and if this is your first time growing and you want a bit of advice, we also give out free grow books here.


6 thoughts on “Best Nutrients for Cannabis”

  1. Do you have an bussiness address to pick up from or is it strickly by mail…..jusy live in auckland area thats all

    1. Our Cannabis seeds New Zealand web portal doesnt directly deal with handling products, we simply promote the best seed banks for NZ. We have to say, our pick should be considered. Thanks for reaching out.

    1. Hi Phil,

      We don’t have fertilisers anymore until further notice. But if your after some indica cannabis seeds, click “Shop Seeds” on the menu to be taken to our official seed bank. From there, you can browse and compare all of our indica strains.

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