Nutrients + Seeds Pack (Complete Grow)

Welcome to WSNZ once again everyone.

Today we have a very special post regarding the new line of products that have just arrived at our official Marijuana seedbank NZ. The newly launched products will be the be-all-or-end-all solution to all your cannabis growing needs. We now stock complete grow sets, aka seed & nutrient kits which are pack-a-punched to deliver everything you need for your grow in one small lump sump.

No more having to pick whatever seeds suits your needs, no more bumping shoulders with someone from the hydro shop till you find the right nutrients, no more having to fight nasty diseases or bugs during the growing process, we have your back covered!

Check out our beginners set to get started or read further below to view the medical or white widow complete set.

More Info:

The new line of products are handpicked by experts and designed to be a complete setup for those who want an easy grow experience. The complete grow set-up consists of seeds from medical, rare or beginner strains and nutrient kits which have been picked to fertilise the said strains.

Free Grow Book:

You can also now download a free grow book to read during your next grow. The grow book is written to accompany you during the seed germination all the way to fertilising with nutrient kits we have supplied in the new line of products.

If you have further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us from the Q&A section. We reply as soon as possible to all inquiries.

Grow well everyone, aroha!

10 thoughts on “Nutrients + Seeds Pack (Complete Grow)”

    1. Hey Gordon, unfortunately we have stopped advertising those mix packs as we have moved on to different seed products. Please visit the home page or shop section to see what cannabis seeds we are currently promoting.

      Thank you

    1. once you make to our official site, which the link is on the homepage, you can go to complete sets and find medical under there. Safe grows!

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